Most of the songs were given to me by the spiritual world during Shamanic healing rituals in the Amazon, in the Rainbow House and during the Vision Quest in Southern Spain.

The translations are summarized:

Song 1
A typical Indian song of the Lakotah (Sioux) with the Heyas who tell the story of the tribe of the chief Aschiwo: sometimes joyful, sometimes sad.

Song  2
This song also comes from the tribe of the Lakotah chief Aschiwo. It is an initiation song that gives strength to persevere

Song 3
My very first song that I received many years ago. It comes from the Cherokee Indians and is sung for the 7 points of the compass.

Song 4
This was my first Ayahuasca song that I received in Colombia:
Pacha Mama (Mother Earth) I give you my love. Great Spirit (Creator) I give you my love. Grandfather Tobacco I give you my love. Grandmother Ayahuasca I give you my love.
Out of respect for the master plants, the male plants are called grandfathers and the female grandmothers.

Song 5
This song I received for the tobacco ritual at the waterfall in the Amazon of Ecuador:
Floral water, water from the waterfall, please, please heal me – please, please give me cleaning and please, please, please give me transformation!

Song 6
A song to support during shamanic healing rituals:
Great spirit help our people who are in the ritual house. Give them your love, give them your warmth, clean them and give them transform!

Song 7 & 8
These songs were given to me as support during my 1st initiation as an Ayahuasca Shaman in the Amazon of Ecuador.

Song 9
A song to honor our parents!

Song 10
A Jewish peace song for all Jews perished in concentration camps and labor camps.
Peace, peace great mother who brings us the light!

Song 11
I received this song in the first night during my vision quest in Southern Spain:
Madre NUNKUI great mother (mother earth), I am your daughter, your son… I’m in your belly full of love, warmth, light, and peace. Then the honouring of the great mother.
Padre Arutam great father (creator), I am your daughter, your son. You’re in my soul full of love, warmth, light, and peace. Then the honouring of the great father.

Song 12
In the 2nd night of the vision quest, I received this song:
Fire, water, wind and earth are the four elements of Mother Earth. East, South, West and North are the four cardinal directions of the universe.
Stones, plants, animals and humans are the four inhabitants of Mother Earth.
AHO Great Spirit, Padre Arutam all this is your creation. Aho Great Creator Aho!

Song 13
Tibetan mantra: Om mani padme hum! Expression of the fundamental attitude of compassion.

Song 14
Ayahuasca melody with the Japuritu, a primal instrument from the Amazon.

Song 15
Ayahuasca melody with the harmonica.