Mitakuye Oyasin! For all of my ancestors!
“Man has not woven the web of life, he is only one strand of this network. He does to himself whatever he does onto the net.”
(Native American tradition)

Meine mongolische Jurte für die Heilzeremonien

Shamanism is the reconnection to the larger whole. Shamanism is no religion, neither esoteric nor a doctrine of salvation, but communication and action beyond its borders of I-consciousness. Shamanism is creative life, the connection of the invisible with the visible.

The Shaman is always a practitioner. He/she communicates with the soul and healing at the deepest level in the harmony with nature becomes possible. He/she respects mother earth, honoring all life, looking for beauty, strength and love in everything. He/she always works in an advanced state of consciousness through monotonous drumbeats, singing, meditation, or by ingestion of medicinal plants.

Shamanic techniques, which I offer in the individual work:

Shamanic drum travel

With the help of monotonous drum beats, leading you into an altered state of consciousness, you travel to the upper or lower world of non-ordinary reality. In these worlds, you can meet your power animal or spiritual teacher, which henceforth are helpers on your way.

Shamanic extraction

From a shamanic perspective, diseases are wrong placed energies. By primal sounds, which put me in a trance, I sense where foreign power is located in your body and remove, extract them out of your body, to hand them over to nature into the circuit of the forces. Extraction can be understood as a spiritual operation.

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rasselOn our life’s journey pleasant and beautiful as well as unpleasant and painful events happen again and again. The natural reaction of people is to hold onto these events, in the belief of security. So, we waste a lot of energy on past events and have little room for the new. Would you like to release energy, are you ready to leave the past behind you? You can regain some free space through this shamanic ritual.

Past life regression therapy and soul retrieval: Ayahuasca-work in two parts

From a shamanic perspective, traumatic life events cause the loss of soul parts. In these two healing rituals we work together with the support of Grandmother Ayahuasca. In the first part this allows us to travel into a former life of yours, to solve all systemic and karmic entanglements that are in direct connection with your present troubles, As a result, you’ll get back soul parts that you never had in this life.
In the second part, about a month later, we look at all stations of your current life, from your conception, pregnancy and birth to the day of the session. We will jointly look into life situations that were difficult or painful and solve them through systemic peace work, all that is important for you and your healing and I will blow the lost parts of your soul back into you. The power animal of your soul and certain daily rituals will help you to integrate the received parts of the soul and to feel more whole in your present life.

Death and dying from a shamanic perspective: Ayahuasca-ceremonies for individuals or in groups

trommelWe all are confronted with death and dying. Although it is a natural process, as well as the birth, death causes us deep fears. In our culture, the so-called civilized world, we have unfortunately lost the knowledge about dying, death and rebirth and as we don’t practice rituals (initiations) anymore to enter new stages of life, we give the fear often too much space, so that we can’t live our life fully and so we are constantly in a process of survival. This can be felt through many different weaknesses and illnesses on the physical and also on the psychological level.

I and Juan Andi accompany you or the whole group with the help of Grandmother Ayahuasca, various instruments, chants, burning incenses, individual and group healing work on your journey into your subconscious mind, where you can deal with your fears and where you get on the way to heal your wounds and traumas.

Who fears death, has lost his live.
(Johann Gottfried Seume)

You prepare yourself for your last trip so that you, when it will be time to say goodbye to this life, can face death without or with less anxiety and fear. You will learn to make death already now to your constant companion and friend.

Such experiences are known as shamanic death. A shamanic death brings you each time a bit more into life. Your life force begins to flow, and your life is more and more filled with love, light and peace.

The Buddhists say that life is hell, because the human being is born with fears and agonies, he lives a life with many fears and agonies and dies with fear and torment! But he is responsible for his life and no one can forbid him to make the best of it, so that, when it is time to say goodbye, to go in peace and in love with himself and the world.

If we love life, we should not fear death, because it comes from the same hand. (Michelangelo)