Shamanism and family constellation


When blind love begins to see, peace comes.
The first that man finds in life,
the last that he reaches out to,
the most precious thing he has in life,
is the family. (Alfred Kolping)

See what works –accepting what is – finding out what solves – paying attention to what is involved. On these four pillars, the systemic family constellation is constructed according to Bert Hellinger. Hidden loyalties are revealed and forgotten family members regain their rightful place.

Transmitted fate is lovingly returned to the one it belongs to. The same love that evokes entanglements, heals when it becomes conscious. This makes love flow again and renews the power in the family. Through a family constellation, you can create an image of your family of origin or of the present, which gives a surprisingly accurate insight into their hidden dynamics. Because diseases can be, caused and maintained by entanglements and so-called fate bindings. The corresponding dynamics that can appear in your constellation are for example identification with a dead family member (“I follow after you”), the assumption of guilt, suffering and involvement of another family member (“rather I than you…”) or loyalty in suffering (“I may not be or do better than you”).

It shows how you unconsciously, driven by great love, accept grief, guilt or pain of your ancestors as your own, hoping to free them from their suffering.

This is however blind love, childlike love. It is doomed to fail, because it makes you swim against the flow of natural life. How often do you feel sorry for a person close to you? But your pity will not help him, it will make him lose his strength.


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In one class, a participant said: „Commiseration is, when you climb on a sinking ship, it will go down even faster!” Only if you have the courage to change the blind love into seeing, true love, that means. to grow up and respect the fate of each of your family members in humility and to leave the consequences with them, you will get into your power.

In the systemic single, couple, family and group sessions I also use trauma work and shamanism as my tools. That way, you have the opportunity to get in deeper contact with yourself, in order to better integrate the new..

Only the soul that loves is happy. (Goethe)