My background


Since September 2005 I lived and followed my vocation as a shaman on the farm Wannhäusern in Hünenberg (ZG) in Switzerland called the Rainbow-house. My first profession was teacher of the French language. I taught for twelve years, thereof nine years at the Rudolf Steiner School in Baar.

In search of myself and on the path of self-liberation I decided in 1988 to go for a very intensive psychotherapy supported by holotropic breath work and later by psycolytic work.
1993 I started my first therapeutic education and in 1995 I opened the practice for holistic bodywork in Cham, and from 1999 in Zug. From then on, I was working full-time as a therapist and later as a shaman. Until 1999, I gave courses in body-work and aroma-therapy, from the year 2000, I focused my work more on shamanic healing ceremonies and healing rituals and from February 2002, I also gave seminars in the systemic work according to Bert Hellinger. In December 2003, I moved my practice for shamanism, systemic- and trauma work to Oberwil (ZG). End of September 2005, I founded Unio Mystica, school and practice for shamanism, systemic- and trauma work in the rainbow-house. Since then, the seminars and healing ceremonies take place here.
From December 2006-2011 was teaching shamanism, systemic- and trauma work in 3-year courses. Since December 2007, I accompany small groups on Ayahuasca-healing-trips to Ecuador. In 2012 I started the first yearly intensive course with primal-sound-ceremonies and chakra-work.

Since the end of August I live in my adopted country Ecuador close to the city of Tena. As of December 2018 I have my own Rainbowhouse (Ayahuasca centre) with a nice garden and surrounded by the Amazonas-Rainforest. Here I am happy and devoted to welcome people whom I accompany with retreats (min 2 weeks) on the spiritual way. I am very grateful to follow and exercise my vocation as a Ayahuascashaman with love and peace.
A deep and long awaited wish became true!

Therapeutic and shamanic training: Plant- and aroma therapy (René Strassmann), Cranio-sacral therapy (Olaf Korpiun), Process oriented conduct POC (at the IAC), Reincarnation therapy (Jacqueline Walder-Adair/Barbara Bachmann), Systemic family constellation according to Bert Hellinger and Systemic-therapist / psychological consultant (Ingeborg Oelmann), Trauma work (Anngwyn St. Just), Spiritual coaching (Markus Wider), various shamanistic healing rituals at the Shamanic Foundation (Carlo Zumstein). After over ten years of intensive supervision of medicine Ayahuasca shamans from Colombia and the Amazonian rainforest in Ecuador I received the final initiation as an Ayahuasca-Shaman by the Shuar people in January 2006.

In all these trainings I experienced, realized, learned, healed and transformed so infinitely much. From each education I picked the pearls and developed my very own and individual style as an Ayahuasca-Shaman to accompany and support people on their path of life.


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