Ayahuasca Healing Trip To Ecuador


April 22, 2020 – May 15, 2020

Home is, where the heart can laugh without fear
and where the tears can dry in peace. (Anonymous)

It all began on the 9th of November 1998: twenty days prior to my 40th birthday I took part in my first Ayahuasca healing ceremony in this present life. It was in Switzerland with a Colombian shaman. Grandmother Ayahuasca slammed into my life like a flash and totally changed it.

Since then, my fate and my vocation is crystal clear. In December 1998, I travelled for the first time to Colombia, to start the journey to become an Ayahuasca-shaman. Twice a year I flew there and in those weeks I was able to cure many injuries from my childhood and got deep visions and knowledge of the medicinal plant.

Four years later I met a different Ayahuasca shaman of the tribe of the Shuar people from the rainforest of Ecuador. Finally I could travel into the rain forest, as this was not possible at that time due to the civil war in Colombia. With the clan of this shaman, deep in the Amazon in the primary rain forest, I was allowed to go through all initiations, the same that also the local shamans had to go through and this during another four years. I was deeply tested and came back to Switzerland after each trip stronger and more and more healed. In January 2006, I received my last initiation.

In January 2007, I was for the first time on a visit to the family of Antonio Nunink, also a Shuar shaman. This family lives next to a river, and is only accessible by canoe. There, I felt like in paradise on Earth.

At that time, the desire grew in me to accompany people, who were on the path of self-discovery and awareness and who were willing to do healing work with the medicine, onto a healing journey to Ecuador. For that purpose Antonio and his family built a healing centre. In 2008 the first healing journey took place during one month.

Since then the program of the healing journey has changed and shortened, so that more interested people have the opportunity to take part.

We will spend the first part of the journey in the Andean area of Andenkichwas in the Hostal Aya Huma (Peguche) then travel to Jama on the coast of the Pacific Ocean and at the end to Tena in the Rainbowhouse, my center of Ayahuasca. Since September 2018, I  live there and pursue my vocation as an Ayahuasca-shaman.

Trough the meditations, sweat lodges, tobacco-ceremonies and Ayahuasca-ceremonies you will receive deep healing on the level of your body, mind and soul. From the Ayahuasca-work, we receive rich gifts as we delve into completely different worlds as in our everyday life. This is easier in the country of origin of this master plant, (in the rain forest) as her presence is stronger in her native surroundings and thus gives us more support.

I will accompany you from Quito during the whole trip, I’ll translate for you and we will support you as Ayahuasca-shaman, wherever you need help.

From all my heart, i am looking forward to seeing you.
Erika Akire Shirma 

The fortune turns up, when your work and your words
are beneficial for you and others. (Jack Kornfield)

Don Luis & Dona Ines in the ritual garb

Book tips:
Arno Adelaars, Christian Rätsch Claudia Müller Ebeling Ayahuasca: rituals, potions, and visionary art from the Amazon (published 2006)
Angelika Selina Braun Taguari: Life finds its way (the Colombian Don José Ariza narrates his initiation to the Ayahuasca-shaman) (published in 2013)

Wed 22.04.2020   Flight Zurich-Quito, accommodation in Quito in the Casa Helbling, www.casahelbling.de
Thu 23.04.2020   08.00 breakfast together, then first round with tobacco and rounds work, day at your leisure until approximately 18:00 h, then we have dinner together
Fri 24.04.2020   08.00 breakfast together elsewhere, with the gondola to the mountain of Pichincha: joint hike with shamanic rituals,
15:00 drive to Peguche to the Aya Huma, www.ayahuma.com
Sat 25.04.2020   08.00 breakfast, then to the Indian market of Otavalo, in the evening first Ayahuasca-ceremony
Sun 26.04.2020   08.00 breakfast, then rounds work approx. 13:00 h first sweat lodge according to the tradition of the Kichwa,
then Pacha Manka a Kichwa-ritual evening meal
Mon 27.04.2020   08.00 breakfast, then rounds work, then hike to the waterfall with tobacco and prayer ritual, in the evening second Ayahuasca-ceremony
Tue 28.04.2020   08.00 breakfast after that rounds work, then free time, in the evening third Ayahuasca-ceremony
Wed 29.04.2020   08.00 breakfast, then rounds work, afternoon second sweat lodge, dinner together, repack
Thu 30.04.2020   08.00 breakfast, then drive to the hot springs, then drive back to Quito to the Casa Helbling
Fri 01.05.2020   07.00 breakfast, 08:00 drive to Jama to the Ecolodge Samvara on the Pacific Ocean, www.samvaralodge.com,  dinner together
Sat 02.05.2020   08.00 breakfast, then full day at leisure: swimming, rest, eat well, first mirror work in the evening
Sun 03.05.2020   08.00 breakfast then rest, bathe, eat well, in the evening, fourth Ayahuasca-ceremony
Mon 04.05.2020   08.00 breakfast, then rounds work, then rest, bathe, eat well, in the evening fifth Ayahuasca-ceremony
Tue 05.05.2020   08.00 breakfast, then rounds work, rest, bathe, eat well, pack
Wed 06.05.2020   07.00 breakfast, then drive to Tena in the Rainbowhouse, my center of Ayahuasca
Thu 07.05.2020   08.00 breakfast, then hike into the rainforest, in the afternoon second mirror work, in the evening sixth Ayahuasca-ceremony
Fri 08.05.2020   08.00 breakfast, then rounds work, then rest, in the evening seventh Ayahuasca-ceremony
Sat 09.05.2020   08.00 breakfast, then rounds work, and in the afternoon third sweat lodge
Sun 10.05.2020   08.00 breakfast, then rounds work, in the afternoon second hike into the rainforest, in the evening eighth Ayahuasca-ceremony
Mon 11.05.2020   08.00 breakfast, then rounds work, second clay bath, in the evening final Ayahuasca-ceremony
Tue 12.05.2020   08.00 breakfast, then rounds work with final mirror work, in the afternoon tripe with the motorboat of the river Napo, in the evening pack
Wed 13.05.2020   07.00 breakfast, 08:00 return to Quito, overnight stay in the Casa Helbling
Thu 14.05.2020   Morning at leisure, 13:00 drive to the airport and return flight Quito-Zürich
Fri 15.05.2020   In the afternoon arrival at Zurich airport

The conditions of admission for this tour are as follows: 1. Initial consultation with me approx. 2 hours via Skype to cost CHF 100.-, 2. Skypegrouptalk with the whole group, so that you get to know each other already a little before traveling.

The price for the whole trip excl. flight, incl. bus travel, accommodation and meals is CHF 3’950.00. Up to and including 3 people a small group fee of CHF 500.00 will be charged. The journey is only performed at a minimum of 2 participants.

  1. rate at registration
  2.rate until 22.02.2020
  Final payment by 22.03.2020
CHF 500.–  

Small groups supplement up to and including 3 people by

Cancellation policy

In case of cancellation of the journey up to 21.02.2020 CHF. 950.-processing fees, from 22.02.2020 to 22.03.2020 CHF 2’950.-, then the whole amount. The amount for the cancellation, except the processing fee is not charged, if another person accepted by us is ready to take the vacant space. A travel cancellation insurance is obligatory and matter of each participant. Elvia cancellation costs insurance is good and well known. Rega membership is also recommended for Swiss citizens. For this trip, you will need a passport valid for at least 6 months over the date of the return journey. Vaccinations such as yellow fever, malaria, etc. is not required for this country.

U.S. dollar is the currency in Ecuador.


To sign up for the Ayahuasca healing journey into the rain forest of Ecuador please download the registration form.

“Remember you are light, love and life.
All you ever need is already there for you.
Be one with everything thus we are never separated.”
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