Boldo Amazônico: I’m a centre of peace and confidence!

Maria Alice Campos Freire and Isabel Facchini Barsé have founded the “Centro Medicina da Floresta, ONG in 1989 in the Brazilian Amazon and were officially recognized the 1997.
From 1993 the two women researched the medicinal plants of the Amazon in Mapiá and developed the Amazonian floral essences.

Ashra: I’m the breakthrough of the light that inspires awareness!

The flower essences

With the permission of the divine beings who guide us,
with the guardians of the rainforest,
with the Chief angels of the elementals,
with of all forces of nature
we are now entering the realm of the elementals of the rainforest,
to know, to experiment, to expand the knowledge,
to help heal,
to illuminate the path of the seeker.
Oxalá, may all beings one day be ready to go this route.

Café: I am wisdom and patience!

70 different Amazonian floral essences and 14 specific mixtures of the jungle trees, the vines, the bushes, the underbrush, mushrooms, the epiphytes, the newly growing trees, cultivated plants, the medicinal plants, garden plants and the fruit-bearing plants emerged from this research.
Each plant is assigned to its element, its chakra, its forest creatures and also has an affirmation.

Concha Lilás: I am the belief and the confidence that illuminates the darkness!

Flower therapy has a pronounced preventative effect. It gently climbs the nested maze patterns and blockages that can cause disease. Through various levels, the flowers carry out cleaning, harmonisation and prevention of diseases. The flower therapy is working on the conservation and recovery of natural health of the organism by adapting balance and the inner order of the elements.

Coeirama: I am a temple of compassion and the goodness of the heart!

“There is no single doctor who can say a disease is incurable. If he says that, then he denies God, he denies nature and doubts the preciousness of the great creation. No matter how bad it may be, there is no disease for which God had not provided an appropriate remedy. (Paracelsus)

Cocar de Jurema: I am the power of love, in which life, health and well-being flow!

In the Amazonian flower remedies consulting I will produce your personal mix which is right for you at this time together in conversation with you and in a short meditation with your choice of 9 flower photos.

Espinheira Santa: I am the blessing that frees well-being and opens the way for fulfilment!

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