• Ayahuasca ceremony individual, couples or group
  • Ayahuasca weekend seminar individual, couples or group
  • Ayahuasca healing trip to Ecuador
  • Long term retreat for people with burn out, addiction and other mental health problems, with cancer or other serious diseases
  • Time out as a turning point in life
  • Shamanism and family constellations – weekend seminar
  • Shamanic counselling
  • Shamanic telephone consultations on request
  • Shamanic healing work for humans, animals and nature
  • Shamanic transition rituals at birth, baptism, wedding, funeral, etc.
  • Shamanic terminal care
  • Spiritual coaching
  • Crystal bed session according to Joao De Deus
  • Amazon flower remedies

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I am looking forward to meeting you soon in person in the Rainbowhouse.